What we do

3D Printed PPE

Our members have been printing around the clock to provide critical care workers with a variety of PPE - from Face Shields to Ear-Relievers to Tape Biases and more! If you're an individual or organization in need of these items, please fill out a request form and we will put you on our project list!

Join the Alliance

RI3DPA is a public group open to everyone. We are always open to having more members join, and there are no requirements (although having a 3D printer helps!)

If you have a 3D printer and are looking to help, please sign up with us!

Connect with the Community

RI3DPA has its inception in our Facebook group. It has proven to be one of the best tools for connecting people together and communicating. We've also begun to expand onto other social media platforms, such as Reddit. Come join our growing community!

Network Across RI

RI3DPA has collaborated with groups and individuals across RI. Currently we are a collaborator with the University of Rhode Island's Rapid Solvers Team to produce needed PPE for our critical workers.

URI Rapid Solvers Fundraiser

Hobby Printing

RI3DPA is also a place for all kinds of 3D printing, including hobby printing!


Pictures of some of the projects our members have created!

About RI3DPA

Uniting for a Cause

The corona virus pandemic has depleted many essential supplies needed by our brave essential workers -- many of these items can be crowdsourced and created. Things such as face shields, door openers, and simple masks can be easily printed and produced. Some of them have been CDC approved, and many of the plans are available online.

Many people are looking to help in whatever ways they can.

This group was created as a place for those Rhode Islanders with 3D printers to meet and share ideas, plans, and builds, with the hope that maybe some of us can help create some things that will actually help people during this crisis.

Let's pool our resources together to help people! Please share this group with everyone you know who has a 3D printer and is looking to make a difference!

Corona Virus Response.

To date, makers in our Alliance have printed and delivered over 3000 3D-printed PPE items to multiple different individuals and organizations throughout Rhode Island, including:

  • Chepachet Fire Department
  • Richmond/Carolina Fire Dept.
  • Kent Hospital
  • Ocean State Vetinary
  • Hasbro Children's Hospital
  • West Warwick Police Dept.
  • Potterville Fire/EMS
  • Various facilities
  • And more!
  • About RI3DPA

    RI3DPA was created in March 2020 as a Facebook group by 3D Printing enthusiasts from Rhode Island looking to put their skills, knowledge, and technology together during the Covid-19 crisis. Within the first few weeks the group had exploded in size and the first few prototypes were delivered. Soon the Alliance continued to expand and network, joining up with individuals, groups, and businesses outside of Facebook, eventually teaming up with the University of Rhode Island's Rapid Solvers group.

    3D Printing Services

    Coming Soon!

    Get In Touch

    Questions? Comments? Just want to tell us that our PPE has been put to good use? We welcome any and all feedback! Please reach out to us!

    Please Note: RI3DPA cannot take any donations as an organization. If you're looking to contribute towards someone's time and materials, please consider contacting that maker directly or emailing us at RI3DPA@gmail.com or through this form to figure out how you can help!